Wireless Solutions

Today, it is more important than ever for a business to be consolidated under one single network. Now, even with miles of land between buildings, wireless technologies have bridged this chasm.

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Benefits of a Wireless Network

Cohesive Network - For businesses with multiple remote locations, wireless technologies are the perfect solution to combine these sites under one single network. This allows a business to focus on one network, rather than trying to maintain a separate network at each location.

Reliability - A wireless network is capable of delivering the "always on" connectivity of a local area network. A solid connection is impervious to weather conditions.

High Speed Transfers - Wireless technologies are capable of delivering a multiple megabit connection between all buildings at all times. A connection is able to deliver high downstream bandwidth in addition to high upstream bandwidth, generally to the extent to which it can be configured to provide Quality of Service (QoS) – guaranteed reliability.

Low Cost - In terms of a setup costs, wireless has a decisive advantage over other methods, such as fiber. Also, because there is no physical infrastructure between point A and B in a wireless link, it is much cheaper to maintain.