High Speed Wireless Internet

Whether you depend on the Internet for your job, for taking online classes, or for simply watching your favorite YouTube video, our Internet provides you with the speed and reliability that won't leave you waiting for the pages to load.

If you are ready to experience a rock-solid Internet connection as well as top-notch customer service, give us a call.

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Internet Packages

Basic Package Professional Package Accelerated Package
$30.00 per month

Great for browsing the web and using email.

Download at speeds up to 1 Mbps

No Contract

No Equipment Costs

$45.00 per month

Great for streaming TV or multi-user locations.

Download at speeds up to 2 Mbps

No Contract

No Equipment Costs

$60.00 per month

Available for those who don't want to wait for downloads.

Download at speeds up to 3 Mbps

No Contract

No Equipment Costs

$70.00 one-time fee

Each Internet account requires a one-time setup fee of $70.00. This fee is due at the time of the install.

Installation - How it Works

WiNexus High Speed Wireless Internet requires the installation of equipment at your home. Upon signing up for the service, you will receive an install date and time.

Site-Survey - Before each installation, we must test the wireless connection to our tower to make sure the signal strength is adequate to provide you with a quality link. If we are unable to establish a sufficient link, we will be unable to connect you to our network.

Installation of Equipment - Assuming that a quality signal is obtained, we must install our radio equipment to maintain a connection to the tower. This includes mounting a radio antenna on your house. From this radio device, we must run Cat 5 wire (slightly larger than a phone line) into your house near your computer. This equipment is then plugged into your computer via Ethernet or otherwise hooked into your home network (wireless router, switch, etc). We will work to ensure that this hardware is installed in the most aesthetic manner.

Connecting Multiple Computers - WiNexus provides you with a single Ethernet drop. If you want to connect multiple computers, you must use a router, switch, or other device to share this connection. These devices can be purchased from WiNexus during the install. We cannot guarantee support for equipment not purchased from WiNexus.

Coverage Area

At WiNexus, we are always focused on expansion. If you don't think you're covered but are interested in the service, give us a call anyway. We may be working toward your area.

This map represents an estimate of our coverage area. Your ability to connect is actually determined by a site survey prior to the installation.

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Does Wireless Internet tie up my phone line?
No. Wireless Internet does not require a phone line at all.

How many computers can be online at the same time?
As long as you have a router, multiple users can share the internet connection.

Is the internet affected by weather conditions such as rain, snow, or ice?
No. Weather does not adversely affect your link quality.

Is Wireless Internet comparable to Satellite Internet?
No. Unlike Satellite Internet, Wireless Internet is not affected by the weather. Wireless Internet also allows for higher transfer speeds, especially upload.

How do I obtain technical support if I have problems or questions?
Technical support can be obtained by calling us at 620.644.3590 or by emailing us at support@winexus.net.